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Finances for Spring Break

Author: Isaac Ehlers | Image: Isaac Ehlers

Budget and Save in Advance

Do you have plans for a big trip? Has this been something you and your friends have been dreaming and planning for some time, or was this mentioned to you today? It is important that you use appropriate funding for your spring break. While we all want to relax and unwind right after midterms, it is important that we do it right so that we don’t end up paying for it for many months after. By planning in advance and setting aside money in small increments, it will ensure that you can get your relaxation in without setting you back. Compare this to the idea of using a credit card with money that you don’t have, and you can see which is the less stressful option. We recommend that you set aside funds in advance so that you don’t spend money that is needed for your monthly expenses and don’t go into debt to enjoy your relaxation after midterms.


Road trip to your destination

Worried about affording a flight for each person in your group? Something to consider is road tripping and splitting gas. Provided that you have a drivable destination, driving there can be a fun and affordable way to travel. You won’t be waiting around the TSA or worrying about that airline food, plus you get to enjoy the scenery along the way while saving money.


Bring your own beverages and food

Do you enjoy snacking throughout the day? If so, you don’t want to pay gas station prices for them at each stop! Consider buying in bulk at a grocery store and bringing them on your trip so that you can still enjoy. The same goes for beverages, buy in bulk with a cooler and some ice so that you can put those savings towards your trip rather than towards your drinks.