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What to do with Finances before Graduation

Author: Isaac Ehlers | Image: Isaac Ehlers

Complete Exit Counseling:

Do you feel confident about everything revolving your student loans? We encourage you to complete Exit Counseling with the Office of Financial Success. By completing Exit Counseling, we can ensure that you will know everything about your student loans. This includes how much you can expect to pay per month after graduation, when repayments start, who your servicer is, when and how to contact them, and we can even help you explore the various repayment options to find what is going to fit best for you! Schedule an appointment with us via Navigate Student to complete your Exit Counseling today!


Create a budget:

Do you know what your month to month bank account will look like after graduation? Creating a budget can be a scary process, especially when you don’t know what numbers to plan for. We recommend that you look up the average costs of living for your expected area post-graduation. Expenses to keep in mind include the average rent and utilities, groceries/dining out, gas prices, what your car payment might look like, savings/retirement planning and insurance costs. Don’t forget to budget those student loan payments as well!


Have a plan:

Stepping out into the adult world can be scary, but having a plan can help alleviate that stress. By being very intentional and creating a plan, you can set yourself up for financial success! Things to keep in mind with this plan include your post-graduation job, a moving plan, and a monthly budget. The Office of Student Financial Success can help you get off on the right foot, schedule a Budgeting appointment today!


By: Jacob L., Peer Financial Educator