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Working during the school year

Author: Isaac Ehlers | Image: Isaac Ehlers

Having a part-time job during the school year will not pay for your entire cost of attendance, but it can help offset some of the expenses or simply help you make an income for your needs.

Working part-time while taking classes can have its advantages. It can help you make money, get work experience, build your resume, and help you make connections to prepare you for work after school. From new friends to different business contacts, working with other people can help enhance your life.

On-campus jobs will allow you to meet other students, university faculty, staff, graduate students, and alumni. Both on and off-campus jobs will provide you with mentorship and professional contacts who can guide you after you graduate and throughout your future career. 

Working is a great way to get experience. Having a job can be listed on your resume and referred to when in an interview. While the job may not seem directly related to your future career, it teaches you important skills, including time management, communication, problem-solving and more. 

Making money can help with your university bill by cutting down your costs of borrowing loans and help with educational-related expenses. 

Having a job during the school year can seem overwhelming but will help you meet new people and learn time management skills. This will allow you to create a balance between working and coursework. If you look for a part-time job that allows flexible schedules and shorter shifts, you will be able to make time for your school work and make some extra money. Weekend shifts are also an option. 

Coursework should be a top priority because a college education will give you great long-term payoff in terms of career opportunities and income. 

If you are looking to find a job for the school year, check out the Student Job Board on AccessPlus, where you can find an on or off-campus job in Ames. 

Written by: Paige M.