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New Name, Same Services. We are the Office of Student Financial Success!

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In an effort to better reflect the services offered by the Student Loan Education Office, effective March 30th, we have made the decision to be re-named the Office of Student Financial Success. We have removed student loan from the name because many of our discussions focus around more than just student loans. We believe this title will broaden our reach and have a wider impact on campus. Our financial literacy advisers are available to all students, regardless of whether or not they have borrowed loans, and strive to help all students become more successful in managing their finances.

For faculty and staff members that have requested our presentations in the past, those services will not be changing. 



Here is our updated email address and website URL :


Our web team is working diligently to update our websites, and we are working on small updates to refresh our brand. You will still see our catchy sayings and imagery, like this :



Stay tuned for exciting new things to come! Please help us spread the word! 

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