Saving money is a lot like working out at the gym. It’s hard to get motivated sometimes (especially in this cold!), but we’re told by everyone that it’s good for you. But just like the feeling you get when you finish a workout, it feels good to be saving money! Sometimes we just need a little push. This year, get a grip on your money and start saving with these creative ideas.

Round Up That Change!

After each purchase round your amount to the nearest dollar. For extra savings, roundup in five-dollar increments. Every time you purchase something, round it up and add it to your savings. There are many apps out there that will do this for you, such as Qapital or Acorns. Both apps help you round up on your recent purchases, and you can even invest your spare change with pre-built portfolios that make it possible for anyone to start investing. It’s always a good idea to automate your savings because you don’t even have a lift a finger to start your savings snowball -the app does it for you!

Learn New Things

There are many expenses we could cut back on if we could just do them ourselves. Oil changes, haircuts, and simple household fixes are all things that we generally rely on other people to take care of for us. Instead of paying others to do it, learn how to do it yourself. It may take a few times before you are comfortable with cutting your child’s or spouses’ hair, but it will save you money in the long run. Especially with tax season coming upon us, don’t forget to take advantage of our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance service for students. They will prepare your taxes for free! No need to pay someone else.

Don’t Save Your Credit Card Info Online

Try not to save your credit card number and billing address on your favorite sites. Depending on the site, this may not be a secure option, and it can be hard on your budget! (Calling all online shoppers…) It is likely that after you hit the “add to cart” button you may reconsider your purchase. Once you remember that you must go get your wallet and type out your card information and address, your spending spidey senses should kick in. Take a step back and think about your purchase before you click “buy.”

Time Yourself at the Store

Do you ever find yourself going grocery shopping while hungry? Chances are if you have, you’ve probably bought more food than you need! The more time you spend at a store, the more likely you will be to make impulse purchases. If you go on a busy day when you only have a short amount of time between classes, you will find that it is a lot easier to stick to your list, as you need to get in and get out quickly. Same rule applies for those Target trips! We know how easy it is to spend HOURS inside a Target but try to stick to your shopping list!

How do you plan on being creative with saving money in 2019?